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    • Séminaire : Benjamin PAGEAUX, PhD

      Benjamin obtained his PhD in the University of Kent (UK) in 2014, and is now a postdoctoral fellow at the INSERM laboratory of the Faculty of Sport Sciences in Dijon. He will start this Summer as an Assistant Professor in the Kinesiology department of the University de Montréal.

      Ben is using a psychophysiological approach to better understand the role of perception of effort in fatigue and physical activity.

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    • Lettre d'information du LIBM

      Voici le premier numéro de la lettre d'information du LIBM, rédigé par Thomas LAPOLE.
      Lien de téléchargement.

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    • Séminaire : Dr Julien Gondin, PhD

      Julien will first provide a brief overview of both acute and chronic responses to Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) in healthy humans. Then, he will address how and to what extent NMES-induced muscle adaptations might be relevant in cachectic patients. Finally, he will present preclinical findings illustrating the benefits of NMES for minimizing cancer-induced cachexia. Biography: Julien GONDIN is a researcher at the Institut NeuroMyoGène (INMG) – UMR CNRS 5310 – INSERM U1217 – LYON, France where he leads the research project entitled “Neuromuscular electrical stimulation training to fight cachexia” in the Chazaud Team at INMG (http://www.musclestem.com/).

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    • Optimisation de la performance des équipements des skieurs alpins

      Pour voir l'article, cliquer ici.

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    • Séminaire: Vianney ROZAND, PhD

      Vianney obtained his PhD in 2015 at the University of Burgundy under Dr Romuald Lepers’ supervision. He went to Dr Sandra Hunter's lab at Marquette University (Milwaukee, USA) as a postdoctoral fellow. He was then a teaching assistant at the University of Nice. He has accepted an assistant-professor position at University Jean Monnet in September 2017

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    • Prix Robin SOURON

      Pour voir l’article merci de cliquer ici

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    • Fully funded postdoc & PhD positions

      Further positions in our research group, both postdoctoral fellowship and PhD scholarship in clinical fatigue or neuromuscular fatigue and performance, will be posted soon. Stay tuned for more information...

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    • Séminaire Pierrick ARNAL, PhD

      Pierrick ARNAL, Dreem, San Francisco, animera un séminaire le 20 septembre 2018 à 12h30.
      Understanding the Impact of Sleep Loss and Identifying Countermeasures.

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    • Retrouver les présentations des séminaires du LIBM

      Nicola MAFFIULETTI, le 7/11/2019 : télécharger la présentation
      Billy SPERLICH, le 10/10/2019 : télécharger la présentation
      Juan MURIAS, le 04/07/2019 : télécharger la présentation
      Vincent MARTIN, le...

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