Les prochains séminaires

Les prochains séminaires du LIBM

Toutes les présentations se dérouleront en salle de cours de l'IRMIS à 12h30 et seront animées en anglais.
Une visioconférence sera disponible sur demande pour chaque présentation (contact Marion PHILIP).


Séminaires 2019

7-Feb : Enzo Piponnier, PhD, Clermont Ferrand University. Effects of muscle group, muscle length and metabolic profile on differences in neuromuscular fatigue between prepubertal children and adults

28-Feb : Béatrice Fervers, MD, PhD, Centre Leon Bérard, Lyon. Cancer and exercise

14-Mar : François Favier, PhD, Montpellier University. To be confirmed.

21-Mar: Thomas Lapole, LIBM Saint Etienne. Acute and chronic neuromuscular adaptations to local vibration:  Toward a new neuromuscular rehabilitation modality.

4-Apr: Romuald Lepers, PhD, PU, National Health Institute (INSERM U1093) University of Burgundy, Dijon. Changes in corticospinal excitability after whole body exercise.

25-Apr: Callum Brownstein, PhD, postdoctoral research fellow, LIBM, Saint-Etienne University.

9-May: Vincent Martin, PhD, director of the AME2P lab at the Faculty of Sports Science of Clermont-Ferrand.

23-May: Sébastien Banzet, MD PhD,  War trauma and Tissue repair Unit, Paris.

13-Jun (entire day): Symposium on Cancer-Related fatigue. With among other speakers: Baptiste Morel, PhD, Associate-Professor, "Motricité, Interactions, Performance" Lab (MIP-EA 4334), Le Mans University; and Thomas Hureau, PhD, Associate-Professor, Strasbourg University. (Program to be finalized).