Séminaire du 15 mai 2018

Séminaire : Benjamin PAGEAUX, PhD

Conférence de Benjamin Pageaux de l'Université de Dijon sur la perception de l'effort

Mardi 15 Mai 2018 à 12h30.

Title: Perception of effort during physical tasks: neurophysiology and its role in the regulation of endurance performance



Every day, when we engage in voluntary physical actions, we experience various levels of effort. The perception of effort, defined as “the conscious sensation of how hard, heavy, and strenuous a physical task is”,differs from other sensations related to physical exercise (e.g.pain). The aim of this presentation is to provide an overview of the current knowledge on the neurophysiology of perception of effort, and to present its role in the regulation of endurance performance.


Benjamin obtained his PhD in the University of Kent (UK) in 2014, and is now a postdoctoral fellow at the INSERM laboratory of the Faculty of Sport Sciences in Dijon. He will start this Summer as an Assistant-Professor in the Kinesiology department of the University de Montréal. Ben is using a psychophysiological approach to better understand the role of perception of effort in fatigue and physical activity.