Callum Brownstein, seminar

Séminaire : Callum Brownstein, PhD


Salle de cours IRMIS

Callum Brownstein, PhD, is a post-doctoral researcher at Saint-Etienne University. He completed his doctorate at Northumbria University in the United Kingdom, having worked in professional soccer for 18 months prior to commencing his PhD

Title: Fatigue and recovery of neuromuscular function following competitive soccer match-play. 

Summary : The topic of fatigue and recovery following competitive soccer match-play has gained considerable attention within the scientific literature, largely due to the demanding nature of modern-day fixture schedules and economic incentives associated with successful performance. Nevertheless, research to date has primarily focused on peripheral perturbations when examining the mechanisms of post-match fatigue and recovery, with little focus on the role of the central nervous system. Callum Brownstein will present research from his PhD, which aimed to gain greater insight into the aetiology of fatigue and impairments in neuromuscular function in the recovery period following soccer match-play.