Romuald Lepers, PhD

Séminaire : Romuald Lepers, Professeur


Salle de cours, IRMIS

Biography: Romuald Lepers, PhD, PU. National Health Institute (INSERM U1093) University of Burgundy, Dijon.

Title: Changes in corticospinal excitability after whole body exercise.

Summary: The efficacy of the corticospinal pathway to relay neural signals from higher brains areas to the locomotor muscles (i.e. corticospinal excitability) is subject to alterations following exercise. The mode of contraction during exercise (e.g. concentric versus eccentric) as well as the level of neuromuscular fatigue can both modulate corticospinal and intracortical responsiveness. This presentation aims at summarizing the understanding of how the mode of contraction and muscle fatigue influences the corticospinal pathway.