Séminaire : Béatrice FERVERS, PhD

Séminaire : Béatrice FERVERS, PhD, MD


Salle C102, IRMIS

Biography: : Pr Béatrice Fervers (Oncologist, PhD, HDR, Associate Professor), heads the Cancer and Environment Department at the Léon Bérard Comprehensive Centre in Lyon. From 2010 to 2017, she hold the Chair of excellence "Environment, Nutrition and Cancer" by the regional cancer research cluster Cancéropole Lyon-Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (CLARA). Her research focusses on environmental and lifestyle factors in cancer, in particular physical activity and tertiary prevention, combining observational and interventional research methods. She is a leading researcher of the college Prevention and social innovation (CLARA), and member of the University Institute for Prevention and Global Health, University Lyon 1.

Title: Physical Activity in Cancer Patients : Current Evidence and research perspectives

Summary: There is an increasing number of meta-analyses of randomized trials consistently showing a benefit of physical activity in cancer patients on the consequences of the disease and its treatments, in particular fatigue and quality of life, as well as certain side effects. Also, there is increasing evidence from epidemiologic research that physical activity improve survival from colorectal, breast, and prostate cancers. Further research is needed on issues such as the role of PA on cancer treatment completion rates, the influence of patients characteristics and cancer variables on PA and the role of PA in advanced cancers. Béatrice Fervers will present a synthesis of current evidence on physical activity in cancer patients and research perspectives based her research expertise and on the recently published Expertise collective “Activité physique - Prévention et traitement des maladies chroniques” where she coordinated the chapter on cancer.