Séminaire Nicola Maffiuletti

Séminaire Nicola MAFFIULETTI

12h30, salle de cours IRMIS

Title : From ‘De Motu Animalium’ (1680) to ‘De Velocitate Neuron-Motorium’ (2019): towards a better understanding of how the nervous system drives muscles

Summary : The objectives of my talk will be to discuss the often underestimated contribution of the nervous system to the force-generating capacity of a muscle and the valuable role such knowledge can have in refining modern rehabilitation practices.

 Biography: Dr Nicola MAFFIULETTI received his PhD from the University of Burgundy (France) in 2000. Since 2005 He is the Head of the Human Performance Lab at the Schulthess Clinic in Zurich (Switzerland). His research interests focus on various aspects of human neuromuscular function, wishing to provide useful knowledge to researchers, clinicians and practitioners from different fields.