Séminaire Pedro Jimenez-Reyes, PhD

Séminaire Pedro Jimenez-Reyes, PhD


Salle de cours C102, IRMIS (videoconference from Chambéry)

Biography: Pedro Jimenez-Reyes is associate professor at the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid in Sport Sciences, with a focus to sprint, explosive movements and training.

Title: Effectiveness of an individualized training based on force-velocity profile on jump performance.

Summary : Ballistic performances are mainly determined by the maximal power (Pmax) lower limbs can generate, but also by the underlying individual force-velocity (F-v) mechanical profile, especially the F-v imbalance (FVimb). Two studies were performed  1) to test the effectiveness of an individualized training program based on the individual F-v profile on jumping performance compared to traditional strength training, 2) to analyse the individual adaptation kinetics until every subject reached their optimal profile (and the associated training duration variability and) (3) studying the individual de-training kinetics over the three weeks following the training program.