Séminaire Thomas LAPOLE

Séminaire Thomas LAPOLE, PhD


Salle de cours IRMIS

Biography: Thomas Lapole, PhD, Doctor from the University of miens (2009). Since 2012, he is an associate professor in neuromuscular physiology at the LIBM lab of Saint-Etienne University.

Acute and chronic neuromuscular adaptations to local vibration: Toward a new neuromuscular rehabilitation modality.

Summary : Vibration applied locally to a relaxed muscle or its tendon is a powerful stimulus for Ia afferents originating from muscle spindles. Their prolonged activation (i.e. 20 to 60 min) may trigger both acute and long-term neuromuscular adaptations, leading to the emerging concept of local vibration training. This may have implications in the field of motor rehabilitation with many perspectives that should be addressed by future studies. There is however a need for better understanding the vibration-induced adaptations. Moreover, practical recommendations to optimize local vibration effects are lacking.