Séminaires 2021

Séminaire 2021

    • Matthieu BOISGONTIER : Effort Minimization and Physical Activity Behavior

      Summary: During the past two decades, governments have encouraged people to be more physically active. As a result, most individuals are now aware of the positive effects of regular physical activity...

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    • Aurélien PICHON : The secrets of EPO

      Summary: This presentation will present the hematopoetic and non hematopoetic effects of EPO.
      Biography : Dr. Aurelien Pichon is a specialist in physiological adaptations to hypoxia and training, with...

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    • Damien BACHASSON : Multiparametric ultrasound imaging of the diaphragm and muscle volume estimation based on bioelectrical impedance measurements

      Summary: Recent advances in ultrasound imaging open new prospects for the non-invasive assessment of muscle structure and function. We particularly focus on the potential of these approaches for the diagnosis...

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    • ALCANTARA Ryan : Using accelerometers to measure a runner’s biomechanics and monitor injury risk

      Summary: Long distance runners are susceptible to stress fractures, an overuse injury that affects the bones of the feet, legs, and pelvis. The repetitive nature of running lends itself to overuse injuries...

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    • Etienne LEFAI : The hibernation in brown bear: A model for medical and space research

      Summary: Muscle atrophy is one of the main deleterious consequences of ageing, diseases (e.g. cancers and AIDS), and physical inactivity. It is especially detrimental to locomotion, heat production, and...

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