Type of collaboration

Which type of collaboration?


For your R&D, clinical research, applied research or scientific support projects (performance optimization, evaluation of athletes or rehabilitation programs), you can :


1. Recruit a student 

The students trained in our university are familiar with the experimental approaches and the different methods used in our laboratory. Depending on the site (Chambéry, Lyon or Saint-Étienne), we have specific and complementary skills on performance optimization, rehabilitation and/or interface between individuals, the equipment and the environment.

Within the framework of their training, you can recruit a 1st or 2nd year Master student within your structure in order to allow, over a period of 1 to 6 months, the realization of a project (or of certain specific stages) in connection with motor skills or the implementation of a research work preliminary to a collaboration with the laboratory.


2. contact us in order to set up the appropriate study to provide a scientific answer to your problem

You will benefit from our experience as well as our facilities and equipment. Depending on the needs, we can recruit a student trainee or a research engineer for this purpose, and we will supervise the work ourselves. The contract can take two forms, for which you can benefit from the research tax credit:

The research collaboration contract

A research project is set up jointly by the laboratory and your structure, each party contributing intellectually, logistically and financially to the research program. You then benefit from the expertise and the resources of the laboratory by supporting only partly the cost of the study. The results obtained are owned jointly by the parties, according to their contributions. This type of contract must also accompany projects associated with a CIFRE-type PhD scholarship.

The service provision contract

With this type of contract, you benefit from all our resources and you pay the entire cost of the study. We undertake to provide you with a "turnkey" return of all the results obtained independently. You have full ownership of the results obtained.

3. Going further in collaboration

Why not consider funding a PhD thesis? This is the most efficient way to take advantage of our expertise and means. Funding can then be direct via the collaboration contract, or via a CIFRE-type grant application to the French National Agency for Research and Technology (ANRt). We can also work together to apply for more ambitious projects: FUI, FEDER, LabCom, European projects.... Whatever the type of collaboration envisaged, short-, medium- and long-term deliverables can be targeted, even for multi-year projects.


Don't hesitate to ask us to involve our experts for scientific communication within your network, to organize your workshops, or for any other request for scientific support of your activities.