SELFIT Project

SELFIT Project

The SELFIT project is a collaboration between 2 laboratories at Université Jean Monnet in Saint-Etienne, France: le LIBM (Inter-university Laboratory on the Biology of Motricity) and the LaHC (Hubert Curien Laboratory).

In this project, we have developed a mobile self-assessment station to assess the user’s physical abilities and an application in which the algorithm recommends exercises based on the user’s profile and their progress over time. SELFIT innovates by creating a virtual coach, making individualized physical activity programs accessible for various populations such as sedentary employees in the tertiary sector, students, the elderly, or persons suffering from chronic diseases.


1. Initial evaluation of physical abilities (10 tests in 1 hour) on the mobile self-evaluation station (open source technology).


 2. The application creates a personal profile based on the self-assessment data.

3. The artificial intelligence algorithm or "virtual coach" recommends a specific program of physical activities adapted to the user's needs and capacities.

 4. The flexible design of the application favors user motivation and satisfaction. Users can adapt exercise recommendations according to available time and equipment, and monitor their progress via the statistics collected by the application.