Summary HDDomenico


The OPEX-FHA project aims to optimize the motor and cognitive efficiency of military personnel deployed in the field, particularly during the first weeks of external operations (OPEX). These are critical in terms of adaptation to environmental constraints for humans. The thermal constraints, especially on the current priority intervention areas, are not new but partially or not at all anticipated to date (random implementation of the brief EPMS manual recommendations); for the European troops at least. The heat (endo- and exogenous), associated with the evolving typology of operational physical demands (towards more intermittent at high intensity and shorter recoveries), generates physical and cognitive fatigue which undoubtedly weakens human health and safety.

1. Towards pre-acclimatization to heat allowing less health risks and more efficiency in OPEX?

2. Towards a physical preparation for military population with more repetitions of short bout high intensity exercises and hypoxia?

3. Which rationalisation / planning / individualization of these preparations respecting military constraints?