Thesis of GUITTIENNE Mathieu

Improvement of the working conditions for the professions of assistance and care at home by contribution of a physical assistance device of exoskeleton type

  • Summary

The thesis deals with the improvement of working conditions in home help and support services by providing an exoskeleton-type device.

We will first work on the identification of physical constraints by setting up ecological and laboratory measurements in order to understand the physiopathological and biomechanical mechanisms at the origin of pain.

We will then implement the same protocol when wearing several exoskeletons previously selected on the basis of the initial work to determine the benefits and constraints related to their use.

Finally, if necessary, we will develop, in collaboration with an industrial company, a tool that will take into account the various analyses carried out during the first and second phases in order to be able to validate its use in the field.

In parallel to this scientific work within the framework of the thesis, the project partners will work in collaboration on the environmental constraint in the broad sense, acceptability (employee and beneficiary) and use. Industrial partners will help to draw up specifications for the selection and development of the potential new device.

  • Goal

The scientific objective of this thesis project will consist of understanding the physiopathological and biomechanical mechanisms at the root of the genes and pain felt by health professionals. This detailed understanding will allow the development and/or adaptation of assistance equipment (i.e. exoskeleton) to reduce the specific mechanical constraints of homecare workers.